It is difficult to ignore SEO in 2018 as long as Google and other search engines continue operating. SEO is dependent on search engine results and providing users (or searchers) with the information that they need. It all hinges on ensuring that searchers get accurate, useful and relevant information they can rely on and use in whatever they do. It is for this reason that graphic designers cannot ignore rules regarding SEO in Lexington KY anymore.

Google relies on the following two pillars of SEO to rank websites:
a) Quality content
b) Link building

Graphic designers need their work posted, published, and shared on social media and every other major marketing channel. They need to put up websites for displaying samples of the kind of work they do. At times, they even rely on videos to pass their messages across. All this requires adhering to a few crucial SEO rules. The rules are simple enough to remember and obey. The result of obeying these rules include higher ranking by the search engines; hence more business for you.

What are the most important rules graphic designers ought to respect?

Abhor Cheating

First, they should abhor cheating. Google – and the other search engines – employ some of the brightest people in the world to track cheaters. Attempting to cheat or actually cheating will come back to haunt you. For example, your rankings will drop significantly to a point where your website loses most – if not all – of its traffic. It will then take you more time to rebuild the website’s reputation to what it once was.

Focus on Keywords

Keywords are just as important today as they were the first time you heard the term SEO mentioned anywhere. Keywords never get old. The importance of keywords to SEO is just as solid today as it was ten years ago. For this reason, the Lexington KY graphics designers should spend more time on keyword research. They should identify the keywords that enable their business to attract more traffic. Use keywords in your links, headlines, and sentences. Avoid repeating keywords in your graphics design website unnecessarily.

Love Content

Today, in 2018, content is still king. You may be the best graphics designer of your generation. However, your reputation will not matter if you spend more time focusing on design rather than content. Fill your website with the kind of content that people want to read or watch. Give people – not Google – what they want and Google will reward you. Therefore, begin or continue focusing on content if you have been doing it.

Invest in the Homepage

Where SEO is concerned, the homepage needs as much attention as any other web page on your site. A few years ago, the homepage was the most important web page on your website. Today, the homepage is still important; hence, not worth ignoring. People who ignore the homepage is doing a great disservice to themselves and the online businesses they run. The homepage summarizes what the website is all about.