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Graphic design is an important element for any website. After all, the aesthetic is a major aspect of the site’s identity. The way it looks provides users with a lasting impression and sets it apart from the rest.

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A New Way to Display Graphic Art – Metal Prints

HD Metal Print

As graphic designers we love to have our work reach an audience of any size (preferably a large one!)  We have designed thousands of web pages over the years and they have reached millions of users.  However virtually all of our work has only been displayed in digital form.

Not a bad thing, no! However it would be great to get this art work on a physical medium to be able to display without the need of a power supply and an internet connection.

Enter metal prints!  Similar to the very popular canvas prints these are images printed directly onto a metal surface (usually aluminum).  It has the great characteristic of being weather proof, resistant to scratches, and shows just the greatest and richest colors.  They even have HD metal print which uses a process called dye sublimation (how a lot of T-Shirts are produced) which uses heat treating to transfer the dye onto the metal substrate.

And HD Metal Prints are simply brilliant.  The richness of the color is absolutely amazing!

But what are metal prints exactly and how are they used? Let’s dive in below…

What are Metal Prints?

Metal prints are photos/artwork that have been printed onto a metal surface (usually aluminum, although sometimes stainless steel).  They are often used to display digital artwork or photography.

Where are the types of metal prints?

Not all metal prints are created equal, and there are actually several different types of metal prints available.  These go from the very common brushed aluminum print, to the hybrid “epoxy” print, to the advanced quality of HD Metal prints via Dye Sublimation.  Let’s take a look at them below:

Brushed Aluminum Prints

Brushed aluminum prints are the most common prints available on the market.  These are starting to become commoditized, as many services will provide custom metal prints on brushed aluminum, even if those services are particularly specialized in printing.  This is usually done through outsourcing to a large print shop.

It’s called “brushed” aluminum because of the way the aluminum is treated.  It’s brushed to give it a rough surface, similar to that of canvas, and this makes it easier for the paint to stick.  It also provides a background effect on the image itself, which may make for a very nice complement to the photograph or artwork.  See an example of this below:

Brushed Metal Print

A brushed metal print (Courtesy of Pictorem): Notice how the background has a metallic brushed effect, due to the treatment of the aluminum before the paint is applied.

Of course, they also offer a white matte version of the metal print in case you don’t want this metallic effect.

“Epoxy Prints” – Hybrid Prints

Another option is leveraging the same brushed aluminum as before, but this includes a layer of epoxy coating to be applied after the photograph/artwork is printed.  Hence why I’ve coined this “hybrid” prints, because they make use of two different mediums to maximize the effect.

The benefits of this epoxy coating are two-fold.

First, it’s provides extra protection for the print.  Metal prints are pretty good against many environmental elements (like rain, dust, etc.), but they don’t necessarily provide the best scratch protection.  The extra layer of epoxy coating gives a good protective effect against potential scratches.  Scratches usually are potential hazards when moving, shipping, or simply due to bad luck in the home or office.

The second benefit is the glossy sheen that the coating provides.  For many vibrant pictures or pieces of artwork, this sheen can give a realistic (or even hyper-realistic) effect that can exemplify the piece.

HD Metal Prints – The Ultimate!

If you can’t tell by my wording here, I’m a pretty big fan of HD Metal prints.  They really are the most astounding work of physical art I’ve seen.  But what are they exactly?

You may have heard of the term “dye sublimation”, but if you haven’t, it can be described pretty simply, i.e.:

  • An image is printed on a medium (such as paper).
  • This medium is laid on top of the final medium (aluminum in this case, but this process is also used for t-shirts and stuff like that).
  • The final medium is heat treated until the dye “sublimates” onto the final surface.

No matter what magic of chemistry is happening in the process, the end result is stunning, full of rich and vibrant colors.  But don’t take my word for it, take a look at these examples!

These images come courtesy of Pictorem, who uses the Chromaluxe process.  They have been voted the best metal prints on the market for a few years running, and taking a look at the end result, it’s no wonder why!


What do you think about putting your artwork on a physical medium instead of relying on the digital world only?  Tell us in the comments!


The Best Ergonomic Mouse for Graphic Designers in 2020 and Beyond

An ergonomic mouse is one of the most important tools for graphic designers. It should be comfortable and easy to use. On the other hand, it should increase the user’s productivity without causing any health problems. Graphic designers move their hands repeatedly hence; the mouse should have a responsive cursor for them to be accurate in their work. In addition, it should fit all their multi-tasking needs. It’s recommended that you choose a mouse with a few buttons and one that is re-programmable. Let me walk you through some of the best ergonomic mouse for graphic designers in 2017 and beyond;

Anker 2.4G Wireless vertical mouse

Anker Ergonomic Wireless Mouse

This is an ergonomic mouse that comes with a vertical design for smoother movement. It features a handshake grip and optical tracking technology which gives more sensitivity and better tracking on smooth surfaces. It made Safe Computing Tips list of the best ergonomic mice in 2017, and has received an extraordinary amount of positive reviews on sites like Amazon, Best Buy, etc.  See this video for a full review:

It has 5 buttons with added next/previous buttons for convenient browsing. This is the best choice for those people who like to work at a length at the computer. Likewise, you can select large volumes of data making it effective for multiple computing needs. The mouse is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating system.


Microsoft’s Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse (L6V-00001)

Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse from Microsoft

First, the mouse is extremely comfortable to the user. It helps one avoid any wrist injuries and induced wrist pain. The streamlined curve provides maximum comfort to the user. Similarly, one is able to maintain the right posture. Secondly, it helps to maintain correct ergonomic hand position thanks to the thumb scoop. Thirdly, it makes navigation quite easy since all you need is to touch the windows button to start the menu. Further, the mouse uses blue track technology which aids in tracking any surface. It also features a four-way scrolling button making it easy to scroll right and left as well as up and down. The Microsoft’s sculpt ergonomic mouse ergonomically is designed to give graphic designers the right comfort while working for long hours. The cool features give unprecedented user experience.


Goldtouch comfort mouse

Gold Touch Comfort Ergonomic Mouse

It enables the user place a 24 degree angle for maximum comfort. This helps to alleviate pressure on the wrist. It’s build to give a superior user experience by avoiding awkward positions. In addition, the user is able to maintain the natural hand position which eliminating any kind of discomfort. The mouse features thumb cushion which gives better grip without applying any unnecessary pressure on the thumb. Likewise, one can manipulate the mouse without necessarily squeezing it. This makes the mouse user friendly since it can be used by fingers of all sizes. Further, it’s compatible with Mac and PC. One does not require any drivers since, it uses easy-to- plug and play technology. Goldtouch comfort mouse is available in two versions; right handed and left-handed version. Both feature a thumb cushion and a 24-degree slope.


Logitech MX Master Wireless

Logitech MX Master Ergonomic Mouse

It features a cushioned thumb which enables your hand perform operations efficiently. This mouse is the cutting edge of how an ergonomic mouse should look like. In fact, nothing stands in your way when using it. The right and left click buttons together with the sculpted design gives unmatched comfort. On the other hand, it features hyper-fast scrolling and zooming. However, you can control it to your pace .For instance, you can choose fast or super-fast speed. The mouse is re-charged by plugging a USB in your computer. This eliminates battery downtime and hustles when the power ends. Logitech performance mouse comes with groundbreaking technology since you can on many surfaces where another mouse can’t e.g. glass. It’s compatible with Mac and Windows-based PC.

Contour Design RollerMouse Free2

Contour Design RollerMouse Free2 Ergonomic Roller Mouse

This mouse gives the user unparalleled precision and comfort. It incorporates the best ergonomic ideas where you can change the finger and the hand to the position you feel comfortable with. It features an open roller-bar which enables the user to use both hands to perform when operating it. The roller bar uses `7 senses’ which aids in proper cursor movement .This helps in increasing efficiency since one can adjust the speed to adapt his or her pace. For optimal comfort while working, one can customize the keyboard angle and height. The mouse comes with one-touch double click and copy and paste feature. The contour design roller mouse is designed to meet every need of a computer user. It helps graphic designers perform their tasks with ease.


Verbatim Ergo Mouse-97591

Verbatim Ergonomic Mouse

First, it features a rubberized thumb support area which makes it extremely comfortable to use. It comes in a unique design and is available in three different colors; blue, red, and black. Secondly, the mouse is fitted with a nano receiver using 2.4GHz. This enables wireless connectivity for better work performance. Further, it features 5 control buttons which include; two thumb area buttons, right and left click and a scroll wheel. The mouse is powered by 2 AAA batteries.


Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

Microsoft Arc Touch Ergonomic Mouse

This mouse offers some great features to graphic designers. It comes with a flexible design which makes it easy to fit the user’s hands. The innovative design makes it easy to use and store. To get started, you curve it. Once you are done, you just flatten it. The Microsoft arc touch mouse uses Blue-track technology which makes it respond on many surfaces. For instance, you can use it on the carpet or on any rough surface like wood. On the other hand, you can operate your computer wirelessly when at a distance of 30 feet. Further, the mouse features a unique vertical scrolling touch strip which responds the user’s your finger movements. The scrolling speed is detected through vibrations. This gives a smooth and intuitive navigation. It’s powered by 3 AAA batteries.


An ergonomic mouse is designed for comfort and accuracy. Any discomfort could harm the wrists. A graphic designer should be able to maintain the correct hand posture to enable him or her use the mouse for long hours. When choosing the best ergonomic mouse for graphic designers in 2017 and beyond, you must consider the way the cursor moves on the screen. In addition, you should be able to adjust the speed as well as your body movements. Lastly, choose a mouse that perfectly fits your hand size.

What To Expect From A Graphic Designer

What To Expect From A Graphic Designer

What exactly to graphic designers do? Graphic designers take computer programs and combine them with their artistic skills to develop images that are then taken by clients to convey certain concepts to different groups of people. These designers are creative artists who pair creativity with technical knowledge to make visual designs for an array of customers and different individuals. The creative process is an essential piece of the job for graphic designers. However, acumen with technology is critical as well.

What the Job Entails

The job consists mainly of creating text and pictures using specific software. It is common for a graphic designer to feel as though they are living in front of the screen of their computer. There are some designers out there who still use drawing and board work along with the computer software to create designs.

So what graphic designer do? Some graphic designers concentrate solely on printed marketing materials. Companies often need advertisements, promotional displays, signs, and brochures. Companies must have materials to market their products. Many particularly artistically skilled graphic designers utilize their illustration talents through drawing drawings and logos. Graphic designers might additionally work with animation that can be seen on websites, in video games, films or even television.

Where Graphic Designers Work

There are different places you will find graphic designers. Some organizations will have a graphic design department or an internal art department that only hire graphic designers to help with communication to the public and employees. You can find some designers in firms that cater to specific clientele. Most graphic designers are self-employed who offer contracts to companies and businesses or pick up projects one at a time to complete.
The job outlook for graphic designers is excellent and getting better all the time. The market is anticipated to increase at an above average rate when compared to other jobs. What one will have to wear to the office is going to differ from company to company. A few designers work in a casual environment, while others work in a corporate setting that requires business attire.

Website and Graphic Designers: Finding an Audience on Instagram and Social Media

Website and Graphic Designers: Finding an Audience on Instagram and Social Media

Creative professionals, who spend their careers designing and making art themselves, can benefit enormously by networking and building relationships on Instagram and other social media sites. Yes, interacting on social media will promote their businesses but more than that it will make them a part of the community for whom they would like to work, and will give them the pleasure of making friends and acquaintances.

The social media sites that showcase the creative community best include:

  • Facebook
  • Behance
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter

Facebook LogoFacebook

Anyone who is an artist or a designer wants more than anything else to get their work in front of an audience, and Facebook does just that. Adults continue to use Facebook, and the demographic for purchasing graphic design and web development will be encountering you there. Facebook is also the perfect place to meet your fellow designers especially in the designated groups that pepper the site.


This site is targeted directly at web and graphic designers. Its mission is to “showcase and discover creative work.” Here you can post your work to a gallery page; maintain a platform for your creations, and know that Behance will broadcast your efforts to a wide-ranging audience.

Pinterest and Instagraminstagram logo

Both venues are grounded in visual content so using them probably seems obvious. As you can see by look at this top liked designers on Instagram, there is great potential in building a following, but maybe not so great at converting clients. The idea is to gain inspiration from what you see, but it never hurts to post, write some fun, interesting content and, possibly, share some of your best tools or tips.


YouTube is excellent for:

  • Airing tutorials
  • Sharing tips
  • Sharing your work
  • Explaining your process
  • Videoing yourself using the tools of your trade to begin and complete a project

And if you wonder where to go to learn how to use YouTube in the best way, the answer is to go to YouTube and find some fellow designers’ videos.


Linkedin is straightforward, and yes, you do need to have your latest resume on your page. But the most important reason to use Linkedin is that you will be placing yourself in the company of business professionals who will, from time to time, need your design skills. And now, Linkedin has a feature that enables visual presentation. Designers are also using Slideshare, videos, and infographics to share work examples.


For many, Twitter is not their favorite source for being social. There is so much going on, the topics change so quickly, and sometimes it feels like the world is spinning out of control. Don’t give up. After lurking around, you will see a niche where you will find fellow-travelers, others with interests just like yours, and a small group of individuals of like minds. Twitter is also versatile in that you can share video, images, and hashtags. It’s possible you will meet business owners who need your assistance.

Here are the steps that you should take to become influential and build an audience on Twitter:

  • Focus on relationships.
  • Be creative.
  • Take the initiative.
  • Don’t worry about numbers.
  • Help others.

Following these steps you can really start to leverage social media platforms to build your audience as a graphic designer or web designer.

To Outsource or Not to Outsource: What to Do For Your Web Design?

Outsourcing Web Design vs. Keeping it In-House

The success of online marketing is directly related to the kind of website that you have for your business because website is considered as the best marketing tool that helps in making you reach your present as well as potential customers. Moreover website also helps people know about the presence of your business in the market as it assists in increasing your earnings and revenue as it attracts a large number of customers. Therefore you will need to ensure that your business has an informative, engaging and inviting website so that it will make the people buy your products and services.

Two Options

Hence there are two options for you which include you can outsource either outsource the task of webs design to a professional and experienced web design company or you can ask the web designing team of your company to design the website of your business. Thus the most important question that you will need to ask is whether To Outsource or Not to Outsource: What the do for your Web Design . When the website of your business is designed by professionals, you will be able to compete in the comprehensive online market. Moreover it will also help your website to be designed with latest backend technology and informative content so that people will get all the information pertaining to your business, products and services.

Are you wondering whether to outsource or not to outsource: what to do for your web design, then you should always consider outsourcing the task because it good quality website design requires assistance of experienced and skilled professionals who will be able to create a user friendly and impressive website. Moreover you should never waste your energy, time and money in trying to design the website of your business yourself because you might not have the expertise in doing this task. Furthermore, this is a complicated task that involves, complex web pattern and latest technology that are offered by a reliable and reputable web design company.

Therefore you should always outsource this task, because the web design expert of a professional company will help in designing an appealing website so that your visitors will be impressed with the quality of your website as well as its content and overall look.  And outsourcing doesn’t mean relying on companies in India or the Phillipines, you can find low cost website design in the UK and in the US as well.

When you outsource the web design task, to an experienced company, you will not have to worry about anything because the designing experts of the company will determine the text, layout, graphics and navigation of the website. These experts will also create the fonts, colors and graphics of the website so that it will help in increasing the traffic to your website as they will produce solid webs design work so that it will offer enhanced use experience to the visitors.

Benefits of Outsourcing

There are many benefits that you can enjoy when you outsource website design but the most important benefit is that your website will be designed with heavy digital expertise of the designing experts. They will create the most attractive and effective website for defining target audiences so that you will be able to meet the growth and revenue goals of your business along with translating your visitors to lead targets. Outsourcing this task will help you to seek the assistance of skilled web designer as they have complete understanding of the web conversions which will help you to gain the attention of a large number of customers. Thus you will be able to get excellent web designer who will be able to execute beautiful web design with wonderful code and high artistic value.

This is done as the web designer know the ways of adapting to the designs of the various modern design sizes as well as designs for the usage patterns. When you outsource to an experienced team of professionals, you will get a large number of skills sets that will work together for helping you get the desired results from the web designing endeavors. It also helps you get a fresh perspective because when you hire you professionals for web designing task, you will be able to get the most attractive and engaging website according to the tastes and preferences of your customers and this service is done in an affordable costs so that you will be able to save a considerable amount of money.

Effective Graphic Designs for your Site

Effective Graphic Designs for your Site

Graphic design is an important element for any website. After all, the aesthetic is a major aspect of the site’s identity. The way it looks provides users with a lasting impression and sets it apart from the rest.

Aside from its aesthetic value, however, graphic design also affects the overall effectiveness of the site. For instance, data from Google metrics shows that poorly-designed sites tend to perform poorly as exhibited bylow user time on site,low pages per visit,high bounce rates, and low conversions.This is because well-designed sites are easy to use and engaging.

So, what are the elements that make web graphic design effective in the first place? This is a quick explorationof twocrucial principles that you need to keep in mind as you build your website.

Communicate Information Effectively

There are a number of ways to do this. For instance, as you lay-out your site’s content, consider using headlines, sub-headlines, and bullet points as opposed to long and windy paragraphs.This would give your readers the opportunity to quickly find the information they are looking for.

Another trick would be to complement the textual content with images, videos, and graphics.An infographic, for instance, can quickly summarize the content of a whole section of an article. As the old adage goes, a picture can speak a thousand words.

Keep User-Purpose in Mind

One of the main principles of web graphic design is catering to the user’s needs. Everydesign elementhas to have a clearly defined purposein the same way as each page needs to fulfill the specific need of the users. With that in mind, the graphics should be used in accordance with the purpose of the page. They should not distract the users. Rather, they should be used as a means to enhance the structure,design, and content of the page.

For instance, when choosing the font, the first principle should be readability. After all, a pretty typeface would be completely useless if the user cannot read it. That is why it should be noted here that Sans Serif fonts like Arial and Verdana are always safe choices for web designers as they can be read clearly.

User-friendliness and efficiency are just two principles that graphic designers should keep in mind when building websites. By no means is this an exhaustive discussion on the subject, but this article should provide aspiring designers the general framework they need.