As the internet grows, so do online marketing ideas. One way that small businesses can efficiently market themselves is through the utilization of graphic designs. Just like a book, people will mainly judge your business by the appearance of your website. By use of graphic design, you can easily create an attractive cover for your site. However, ensure that your graphics are complementing the content of your page. Below are five easy ways that you can apply graphic designs to internet market your small businesses.

Company’s Website Design

One way to make use of graphic design is creating a compelling face of your web page. If properly used, graphics can tell visitors to your page about the story of your brand even before they go through the content. It also builds trust and can easily convince visitors to become customers. While using graphic designs in a website, you can strategically place it ask to call for action, provide product information, or show customer reviews.

A poor design can really sabotage all other efforts.  Neil from TCS Digital Marketing, an SEO company in Reno Nevada, speaks about his experience with clients dealing with poor web design: “Even with everything else in place, good SEO, paid campaigns, offline marketing, it can all fall flat if the website is designed properly.  It’s the first place to look for quick wins when it comes to online marketing”.

While using graphics in a website, you should not do it blindly but should consider the following factors.

• Does the graphics feel like they adequately represent the brand?

• The graphics should match the content provided whether it is products or offers.

• Consider using mobile graphics that are responsive since some visitors to your page maybe using mobile devices.

• Make them easily navigable and easy for customers to take action requested by the graphics.

Company Logo

Corporate Logos

Examples of corporate logos, very important for branding, especially online.

With time, your business will adapt new trends, which will require that you update the logo to accommodate the changes. A good logo creates memory and is functional across multiple platforms. The following features reflect a good company logo.

• It portrays the brand message.

• Highly flexible without losing the brand identity

• Easily adjustable to fit in various profiles including social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

• Should be discrete and consistent for use in various events, promotions, and products

Business Collateral Materials

• Proper use of graphic designs can help your business stand out from the many other boring business cards, letterheads, pamphlets, and brochures among other types of documents. Properly graphically designed materials should offer you the following:

• Guide the reader using the right color, convey a mood, and highlight your offered products or services.

• Send a clear and consistent message that shows your value.

• Have eye-catching elements that will attract people to looking your business and want to contact you.

• Should have an attention to detail on font choice, picture cropping, and the message they portray.

Product Packaging

The packaging of your products is crucial as it continues to market you by continuing your brand conversation. Here are some tips to ensure that graphic designs are playing a part in helping this marketing.

• The graphics should match the product.

• Should be able to enhance user experience

• It should be appealing to target clients.

Social Media

While you use branded graphic design on your social sites, people will quickly recognize your posts hence making your business stand out. You can use the following tips to achieve highly effective results of graphic designs on social media.

• Posting different company messages and benefits across the social sites

• For keeping customers informed, promoting special offers, and highlighting product details.

• Creation of shareable graphics

Importance of Applying Graphic Design Principles

There are several reasons why you should consider investing in graphic design as part of your internet marketing strategy. These advantages are as follows.

• Creation of a lasting impression on prospective customers- stuff such a company logo, website, and collateral material tell a lot about your business. If they are boring, it will be very hard to convince a client that you can offer something good. If however, these are attractive, any potential customer will be attracted without much convincing.

• Portray a professional reputation- a well-presented graphic design tends to make customers respond positively to your products. Since graphics design effects cannot be controlled in-house, ensure you use high-quality tools and images.

• Highlighting your company’s personality as much as you can- your graphic designer should be able to relay the kind of personality you want your business to reflect in the graphics. By telling the designer what you want, they will offer you suggestion on how to achieve that best.